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Puppy Start Right PreSchool

Specializing in Puppy Development - Puppy Start Right

Puppy Start Right  is our most popular puppy training program specializing in foundation training for the companion puppy. The importance of this program is to start their socialization and introduction to novel objects along with introduction to some basic training during their critical socialization period that lasts from 3 weeks to 12-16 weeks. This training program is lots of fun for the whole family, and we highly recommend that everyone in the family attends. Just as puppies are vaccinated against infectious diseases during their monthly veterinary visits, they also need to be 'vaccinated' against behavior problems.  This can be accomplished by enrolling all 8-16 week old puppies in a good puppy socialization class.  

We specialize in puppy development. 

Program Details:

  • 9 Lessons Spanning 5 Weeks

  • 4 On-Demand Lessons

  • 4 Weekly Classroom Lessons

  • Puppy Start Right Book

  • On-Demand Videos & Step-By-Step Training

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